National Recovery Month: Stats & Facts

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Modern tools empower practices to respond more efficiently to massive influx of mental health patients.

Online assessment tools can be a big help when it comes to efficiently supporting the needs of your patients and your practice – especially in times like these where you’re seeing an influx in the number of new patients due to the stress and uncertainty from the global pandemic.

Now is the time to make sure you have the right mental health assessment solutions in place. Here are 5 key criteria you should consider when selecting assessment tools to support your growing clinical and business requirements.

DSM-5 COMPLIANT: Most government and private payers require your clinical documentation to be compliant with DSM-5 criteria.

DIGITALLY ACCESSIBLE: The safety and physical health of staff and patients through the COVID crisis has led most practices to move to virtual visits. Digital assessments support a completely virtual experience.

COMPREHENSIVE: To support diagnosis accuracy, assessment solutions should be clinical interviews that screen for multiple disorders at the same time.

CLINICALLY VALIDATED: The clinical and research community provides important validation for the accuracy and validity of behavioral health assessments.

EASY TO USE: To ensure adoption by your staff and patients, the digital tools must be easy to use and easy to administer.

Doctor filling medical card on digital tablet when talking to patient top 5 check list quote

nView Health’s flagship product, the M.I.N.I., meets all these criteria and has been used by thousands of healthcare professionals and clinical researchers for years. Be sure you have the right mental health assessment solution in your practice.

See how nView assessments can help you.
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