Importance of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month In 31 Stats

Sep 10, 2021 / by Holly Wilson

Every September, we strive to raise awareness of suicide — a stigmatized and often taboo topic. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is a time when resources and stories are shared to help shed light on suicide and prevention efforts. We must build upon these efforts and continue them year-round if we hope to reduce the incredible number of lives lost to suicide.

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Sharpen Fireside Chat Series: Suicide Prevention, Fall 2020

Sep 24, 2020 / by Thomas Young, MD

nView Co-Founder & CMO Dr. Tom Young shares his thoughts on suicide stereotypes and who is really at risk. 

Looking Beyond Stereotypes:
Who is Really at Risk for Suicide

Tuesday, September 29, 12 pm – 1 pm EST
Via Zoom:

Thomas Young, MD, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of nView Health, will share his insight into the common stereotypes surrounding suicide and why we are missing the mark by not taking a more proactive approach in identifying those at risk. He will discuss his experience as a clinician and the benefit of mental health screening as a valuable tool that should be “the new norm” in proactive healthcare and accessible to all.

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We’re in a Tight Spot (National Suicide Awareness Month)

Sep 10, 2020 / by Jim Szyperski

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and it’s difficult to attempt to shed light into this dark corner that has been darkened further by the pandemic. 2020 has been a chasmic departure from normal life and routine for virtually everyone on our planet, and a year many of us would like to put in our rear-view mirror as quickly as possible.

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