Importance of Depression Screening: Q&A With Dr. Thomas Young of nView

Oct 7, 2021 / by Thomas Young, MD

National Depression Screening Day takes place this year on October 7. This annual day of recognition is intended to call attention to the illnesses of depression on a national level to help educate the public about symptoms of depression and effective treatments. National Depression Screening Day falls during Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 3–9) and National Depression and Health Screening Month.

In this Q&A, Dr. Thomas Young, an expert in depression screening, speaks about the importance of depression screening, national shortcomings, and opportunities for improvement. The founder and chief medical officer of nView Health, Dr. Young is a board-certified family physician with more than 35 years of medical experience. He is a recognized thought leader in the fields of consumer-directed healthcare and population healthcare management and can often be found speaking on behavioral health podcasts and at industry events.

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WEBINAR: Second Pandemic of Mental Health

Aug 25, 2021 / by Thomas Young, MD

Now Available: Recording of 'Second Pandemic of Mental Health' Webinar

A recording of "The Second Pandemic of Mental Health: An Expert Panel Discussion" is now available for viewing. 

The program, hosted by nView Health, brought together behavioral health experts for a frank discussion about challenges and opportunities around mental health. The panelists were Dr. Hansa Bhargava, Dr. Josh Spitalnick, and Sherry Farrugia.

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PODCAST: Behavioral Health on Workplace MVP

Aug 20, 2021 / by Holly Wilson

Dr. Thomas Young Discusses Behavioral Health on Workplace MVP Podcast

Dr. Thomas Young,  founder and chief medical officer of nView Health, is a featured guest on the Workplace MVP podcast where he discusses behavioral health solutions for employers with host Jamie Gassmann.

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Dr. Thomas Young Writes On Hospitals' Mental Health Responsibilities

Aug 5, 2021 / by Thomas Young, MD

Dr. Thomas Young, founder and chief medical officer of nView Health, discusses opportunities for hospitals to play a more significant role in achieving concrete improvements to the current mental health system in a new Becker's Hospital Review column.

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Press Release: 'Second Pandemic' Webinar

Jul 27, 2021 / by Holly Wilson

nView Health Hosting Mental Health Expert Panel for 'Second Pandemic' Webinar

ATLANTA, July 27, 2021 – nView Health will be hosting several of the nation's leading behavioral health experts for a panel discussion on August 17 from 4:30–5:30 EDT.

The complimentary program is titled "The Second Pandemic of Mental Health: An Expert Panel Discussion." The panel will explore the challenges facing healthcare providers in meeting the increased needs for mental healthcare; the effects of the pandemic, particularly on underserved communities; and how technology can accelerate progress.

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The State of Mental Health in Rural America: Why and How Technology Can Help

Jun 28, 2021 / by Jim Szyperski

The state of mental health in America is in crisis and was in crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National Institutes of Health, pre-pandemic:

  • 1 in 5 Americans suffered from a mental disorder each year,
  • 1 in 17 suffered from a serious mental disorder each year, and
  • there was a 35% increase in suicides in the past 15 years with suicide being the second-leading cause of death between the ages of 10 and 34.

The pre-pandemic statistics for our children are more troubling as:

The problem is even more severe in rural America as the graphic below depicts where approximately 50% of counties in the US lack a resident psychiatrist, 65% of non-metropolitan US counties lack a psychiatrist, and 47% lack a psychologist. (Source: The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Geographic Variation in the Supply of Selected Behavioral Health Providers)

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The Identification and Treatment of OCD: Q&A Session with Dr. Eric Storch

Jun 23, 2021 / by Holly Wilson

Dr. Eric Storch is Professor and McIngvale Presidential Endowed Chair at the Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Storch specializes in the cognitive-behavioral treatment of adult and childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as other anxiety and OCD-related disorders.

Dr. Storch has been the principal investigator on multiple federally funded grants, is a Fulbright Scholar, and has published 12 books and 500 peer-reviewed articles. He is on the IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board and is the Chair of the Pediatric Behavior Therapy Institute.

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Challenges and Opportunities for Mental Health: Q&A With Hansa Bhargava, MD

May 20, 2021 / by Holly Wilson

Hansa Bhargava, MD, is a staff physician at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, senior medical director with WebMD, and chief medical officer at Medscape Education. As a thought leader in innovation, mental health, maternity, and pediatrics, Dr. Bhargava often speaks on using current digital footprints to elevate data and education to help disparities, opioid addiction, and mental health.

She is currently on the board for the Emory University Global Health Institute and Christopher Wolfe Foundation and is an executive member of the committee on communications and media for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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nView’s CEO on Mental Health Month

May 7, 2021 / by Jim Szyperski

Turning Awareness into Action (Jim Szyperski)

May is upon us, which means it’s Mental Health Month again. I think back to last May when we were still early into the pandemic’s onslaught on our collective brains. The stress, fear, and anxiety of a pandemic; the quarantine and isolation; the loss of employment and income; and the pervasive uncertainty about the health of our families and friends were all top of mind. Talk of a vaccine by the end of 2020 or early 2021 seemed a long way off with daily cases of COVID-19 rising and the death toll alarmingly accumulating.

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Press Release: Mental Health Month

May 3, 2021 / by Holly Wilson

nView Health Declares Mental Health Month a Time for Action

Company leaders call for meaningful dialogue and concrete change that can put the country on a path to repairing our broken mental health system.

Mental healthcare thought leaders, including nView Health‘s own Chief Medical Officer and Founder Thomas Young, MD, have witnessed first-hand how our healthcare system fails to accurately identify and properly diagnose individuals who need behavioral health assistance. And in the minority of instances where a patient is correctly diagnosed, our healthcare system then fails to adequately support them.

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