2020 HILL DAY – Observations by Maurice Rosenbaum, Chief Product Officer

Jun 24, 2020 / by Maurice Rosenbaum

2020 HILL DAY   #hilldayathome

Breakout #3 - Telehealth During COVID: The Pros, Cons and Next Steps (DESCRIPTION)
We go beyond just a recap of allowances and new billable telehealth services across the health payer spectrum and focus on the pros and cons of a fully virtual treatment system. We are in the midst of a transition to virtual visits and telehealth that is affecting providers and clients alike. What does expanded telehealth mean for providers and businesses, as well as clients and family members in need of services? Can we expect to fully return to pre-pandemic life and if not, how can we prepare?

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2020 HILL DAY – LinkedIn article by Jim Szyperski, CEO nView

Jun 23, 2020 / by Jim Szyperski

2020 HILL DAY   #hilldayathome

Breakout #1 – Ensuring Parity During & After a Pandemic
Working together to establish parity in a post-COVID-19 world is more critical than ever before. This panel of providers, insurers, and advocates will seek to find answers to this dilemma by examining and discussing their roles in ensuring consumers have proper access to treatment and the insurance coverage they deserve while operating in the complex and ever-changing intersection of federal and state laws amid a global pandemic.

Thoughts from CEO, Jim Szyperski …

For me, in thinking about this, the single word that continues to jump out in all the news, headlines, and discussions over the last 4 months is – COMMUNITY. Whether dialogue on COVID-19, equality, racism, anti-racism, simple justice, COMMUNITY seems to be a common denominator. By definition, it encompasses whom we live with, and with whom we have common characteristics, interests, attitudes, or goals. 

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