Press Release: nView Health Expands Clinical Team

Apr 7, 2021 / by Holly Wilson

nView Health Expands Clinical Team to Help Guide Rapid Company, Solution Portfolio Growth

Behavioral Health experts to provide peer review and governance for nView’s suite of proprietary mental health assessment solutions.


nView Health, the premier provider of evidence-based behavioral health solutions, is pleased to announce the formation of its Clinical Advisory and Governance Board comprised of behavioral health experts to provide ongoing guidance and review of the company’s software solutions and development.

The initial Clinical Advisory and Governance Board includes:

Profile Pic - Tom - smaller


According to Dr. Thomas Young, founder and Chief Medical Officer at nView, “having the opportunity to work with this extraordinary team of behavioral health profess`ionals is both an honor and a significant clinical advancement for our company. nView has experienced exponential growth over the past two years in direct response to an escalating global mental health crisis further accelerated by the pandemic,” Dr. Young continued. “This renowned team of mental health professionals will provide continued scientific support for the company’s products and ensure nView’s current and future behavioral health assessment solutions better serve our clinical research and healthcare provider customers as they strive to meet the global challenges in mental healthcare.”

The Clinical Advisory and Governance Board will help nView maintain the highest standards of excellence in peer review and provide governance over the nView product suite, which includes the world’s premier mental health screeners, structured interviews, and severity measurements for suicide, major depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and body dysmorphia.

“This extraordinary team of psychiatrists and psychologists is an integral part of our core company mission to change for the better the way in which mental health disorders are identified, treated, and monitored around the world,” said Jim Szyperski, Chief Executive Officer at nView.

Josh Spitalnick, Ph.D., ABPP

Dr. Josh Spitalnick, Clinical Director and Owner of Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, commented: “nView is rooted in providing evidence-based technologies that support healthcare professionals globally in both clinical research and in clinical practice,” Dr. Spitalnick said. “I applaud the passion and commitment of Tom and the nView team to improve the state of mental health through fast, accurate, and well-documented solutions that enable physicians and clinicians in all specialties to meet and exceed the requirements of measurement-based care in behavioral health. I am delighted and energized to be part of their mission.”

About nView Health

nView Health offers behavioral health technology that enables healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators to rapidly deliver the right diagnosis, resulting in the right treatment at the right time. Its suite of products allows healthcare providers to deliver validated, diagnostic behavioral health screens, interviews, outcome tracking, and billable services to patients in a simple, easy-to-use platform. To learn more, please visit or follow nView Health on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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