2020 HILL DAY – Observations by Maurice Rosenbaum, Chief Product Officer

Jun 24, 2020 / by Maurice Rosenbaum

2020 HILL DAY   #hilldayathome

Hill Day

Breakout #3 - Telehealth During COVID: The Pros, Cons and Next Steps (DESCRIPTION)
We go beyond just a recap of allowances and new billable telehealth services across the health payer spectrum and focus on the pros and cons of a fully virtual treatment system. We are in the midst of a transition to virtual visits and telehealth that is affecting providers and clients alike. What does expanded telehealth mean for providers and businesses, as well as clients and family members in need of services? Can we expect to fully return to pre-pandemic life and if not, how can we prepare?

Thoughts from nView Health's Maurice Rosenbaum (Chief Product Officer) ...

Hill Day at HomeThe PROS of increased Telehealth use seem numerous and more obvious, with access the right/best care, more timely access and for a population that would find it difficult to physically get into the doctor's office when they should.

And, let me add upfront that I fully support more Telehealth in the future but think we need to be careful with its huge and dramatic increase.  It is the CONS that I think need more careful consideration right now. The first that comes to mind is the quality of the care overall with the possibility of missing something rather major.

There is also an issue of over or wrong prescribing based on a more limited visit.  I also worry that in a more traditional visit, you usually have a pre-session with a nurse who goes over everything and what you might be in for today.  This gives an extra set of eyes and ears on the situation which I think is quite valuable and in my personal limited Telehealth visits, there has only been the provider and no nurse.

Then I hate to bring up the ugly word of fraud but this is another concern of groups or providers that find they can bill for this and given the limited other resources to back up the evidence of a visit, might find ways to scam the system that will take time to investigate.

Maurice Rosenbaum
Chief Product Officer
nView Health

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